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How is customer feedback collected?

When people ask us, do customer really fill out all these questions on your surveys?? We love to proudly answer with a bold, 'yes'. 

Feel that fresh Breeze?

breeze cannabis swept onto the scene right before the pandemic took over. Many businesses closed due to the stay home orders, but BREEZE and other...

Why customer feedback is important to your company

it's not complicated: customer feedback helps you understand how to improve your business.

Raas is a meal fit for a queen

Raas blends classic indian dishes with modern pan asian flavors. 

Terrasana Cannabis puts their patients first

Terrasana Cannabis Co. is an Ohio-based medical marijuana company that serves medical cannabis patients with dispensary locations across ohio.

Tattle welcomes Tin Drum Asian Kitchen!

You wanna eat less ordinary? Head over to Tin Drum Asian Kitchen.

Announcing the ItsaCheckmate and Tattle partnership

With all the complexities going on in the world, we like it when things are simple and just make sense. 

Intercept negative reviews before they hit social media sites

Do you want to see an improvement to your ratings on social media? try this tactic.

Are ghost kitchens taking over the restaurant industry?

Are ghost kitchens shaping the restaurant industry in 2022?

Planning your 2022 budget

With all that's going on in the world right now, it may be hard to think about spending money. But now is the perfect time to start planning out your...

Making magic with Maker Pizza

Our friends up north (Canada) are magicians when it comes to making pizza.

Get armed and ready for BATL

Throwing axes at targets has gotten increasingly popular. and we totally understand why. (Spoiler alert, it's incredibly fun)

A 'Mighty' good partnership with Mighty Quinn's!

When there's something on the menu called a, "Brontosaurus Rib", you know you're in for some really really really good BBQ.

Using data to set monthly goals for your business

Tattle Accumulates massive amounts of data and aggregates it into a simplified dashboard allowing you to see the highest opportunity for improvement. 

Welcome to Tattle, Tutta Bella!

Your favorite NeapolitAN pizzeria is now part of the tattle family!

"Back to School" is a test for the hospitality industry

With kids of all ages back to school, the hospitality industry can sympathize with the health and safety concerns felt by schools and universities. 

You need more than just a feedback platform

Tattle is by far one of the most robust customer feedback platforms available. But we're oh so much more than just that.

There's nothing common about Common Citizen

If you're looking for a unique cannabis experience, your search stops here.

Why Staffing Issues Shouldn't Stop Your Growth

With the pandemic unemployment benefits ending soon, restaurants may see a significant change to this common problem.

Say, 'Aloha' to Island Fin Poke!

You don't have to leave the mainland to get a little slice of hawaii. 

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