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Planning your 2022 budget

With all that's going on in the world right now, it may be hard to think about spending money. But now is the perfect time to start planning out your budget for 2022.


You know the adage about grocery shopping when you're full so that you don't buy stuff on impulse? It serves a valuable purpose with regards to spending money on things for your business, too. 

In a survey by Panasonic, 100% of foodservice operators reported that the pandemic has intensified their sense of urgency to adopt transformational technology. Something else interesting? One in four foodservice retailers now believe their company is a tech-forward early adopter, versus one in eight pre-pandemic. Part of staying your relevant in any space is keeping up with the appropriate trends and technology in the restaurant industry is booming. 

During 2021, businesses were keen to adopt technologies that prioritized safety, self-service and preferred delivery methods to fit new consumer behaviors. While respondents believe these behaviors will continue into 2022, there's another important factor to consider: communication with guests. What if your guests already feel safe and comfortable in your dining room? Or moreover, what if they only *sometimes feel safe and comfortable in your dining room and you have no idea as to why they may not at other times? 


Giving your guests an easy, non-invasive way to directly communicate with you regarding their experience allows your business to make only the changes that are necessary to keeping your guests satisfied. Why change something that's already working for you? That may cause dissatisfaction elsewhere and then you're dealing with multiple problems instead of the ones that your guests actually care about.

Another stat from the Panasonic report stated that 71% of respondents cited digital transformation as "very important" to business agility, more than any other factor. Consider 2022 your year for a digital transformation by adding in technology that serves real purpose, provides insight, uses AI to help predict revenue, empowers employees, and so much more. 

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