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"Back to School" is a test for the hospitality industry

With kids of all ages back to school, the hospitality industry can sympathize with the health and safety concerns felt by schools and universities. 

"Back to school" hits a little differently this year as schools have officially sunset remote learning options. It signifies a push for normalcy but it also brings up a lot of health and safety concerns which restaurant operators can sympathize with. 

An influx of people returning to in-store dining, mask mandates, vaccine passports, and employee shortages are just a handful of issues operations teams are cognizant of and attempting to successfully manage.

At the height of the pandemic, our partners Gold Star Chili (like so many other brands) were forced to act quickly to implement new and stricter sanitary procedures that would inspire greater confidence and patronage amongst fearful guests. With 99% of Gold Star Chili's being owned and operated by franchisees, the team was able to identify which locations were adhering to the new mask, glove, and social distancing standards and which ones needed additional support. 

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These details are critically important as more mandates and individual state rules are being implemented consistently. 

Once Gold Star Chili launched with our causation-based survey, they could assess the performance of Sanitation and its respective factors of mask usage, glove usage, and social distancing across their dine-in, take-out, and curbside ordering channels. 

Empowering your team members with the knowledge and additional support they need during these trying times will yield happier employees as well as encourage guests to return to your store. 

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