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From The CEO: On Behalf of Our Newest Round of Funding, Thank You!

Hello Tattle Community,

I am thrilled to announce the news of our series Seed round of financing!

Recently, Tattle has raised its first round of institutional funding lead by Contour Ventures as well as our growing community of hospitality operators, validating our traction and rapid growth as a premiere Customer Experience Management Improvement (CXMI) solution and the only true CXMI platform built for hospitality. As always, since Tattle's inception in 2015, we truly could not have achieved this feat without your adoption and ongoing support. We are sincerely grateful. 

Through your ongoing feedback and the execution of our team, Tattle has grown 280% year-over-year, and we are now partnered with some of the biggest and best brands in the hospitality space. In terms of our differentiation and advantage, most commonly expressed to our team has been the continuous iteration of three core pillars of our platform: 

(1) a simple, intuitive yet powerful dashboard designed for all team members, 

(2) a focus on high-opportunity areas of improvement across the enterprise, groups, and individual locations that most impact guest satisfaction, and

(3) a wholistic view of guest measurement and visibility across all guest ordering channels, e.g. digital ordering, loyalty, kiosks, virtual kitchens, point-of-sales, and more.

With the recent financing and resources, we plan to dramatically expand upon the utility of the Tattle platform through the lens of each of the above pillars as well as evolve towards the next phase of Tattle and the utility of the feedback data point as a whole. As a unique insight, we have discovered that feedback data at each location level is highly correlated to revenue performance over the next 45 - 90 days. In fact, we have shown that if a given location's Customer Experience Rating (CER) drops below a certain point, the probability of a store closing increases dramatically within 3 - 6 months. 

It is the inextricable relationship between guest satisfaction and revenue performance that will be the focus of our ongoing commitment to identify, measure, and improve the most critical areas of operational performance to ensure our partners sustained success.

Again, thank you everyone who has enabled the caliber of our collective successes and the quality of our solution. We cannot wait to continue building with you all in the road ahead!



Alex Beltrani, CEO/Founder

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