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Gold Star and Tom & Chee Elevate their Customer Experience Improvement Strategy with Tattle

goldStarLogoWe’re very excited to officially welcome Gold Star and their sister brand, Tom & Chee, to the Tattle movement. Specializing in small batch, Cincinnati-style chili and fresh, 100% American beef burgers, Gold Star has served guests since 1965, and has more than 75 locations across the Midwest. Tom & Chee, acquired by Gold Star in 2017, is a national multi-unit eatery specializing in high-end grilled cheese melts, soups, salads and more.

The Road to Tattle

For Gold Star, the decision to sign on with Tattle was multifaceted. Their previous customer experience management solution was no longer meeting their needs, and they began their journey to find a new provider. When they narrowed their search down to two final contenders, Gold Star’s marketing and operations team took an even closer look at how the two platforms compared. Ultimately, the brand went with Tattle’s Customer Experience Improvement application for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why Tattle stood out among the competition.

  1. Integration Ability. Tattle is built on an open API with the ability to integrate into any guest transaction channel, including digital ordering, loyalty apps, kiosks, WiFi, POS systems, and more. This ease of integration provides Tattle’s partners with 20 times more feedback than traditional providers and methods. Integration into digital ordering is incredibly important today as this a low visibility channel continues to grow with the rise of take-out and delivery orders.
  2. Mobile First Philosophy. The most common guest reflex for communication, which is using a smartphone, aligns with Tattle’s mobile first philosophy and survey design. The ease at which customers can complete surveys from a mobile device (or a computer if they so choose), enables a 97% survey completion rate, for surveys that contain an average of 60 questions.
  3. CXM Improvement Focus. Unlike other providers, Tattle reveals exactly what improvements will make the biggest impact at each location—an especially important feature for multi-unit brands like Gold Star. Each month, Tattle automatically identifies the highest impact opportunity at each location, automatically sets a goal for each team to reach by the end of the month, and notifies each of location at the beginning, middle and end of a month with progress updates. This unique strategy to drive measured improvement at the location-level has allowed 89% of Tattle’s partners’ 3,000+ locations to actually improve over a 12-month period.
  4. Guest Recovery. For every dissatisfied guest, Tattle tracks just how well teams perform when they view, respond, resolve, and recover unhappy guests with high impact responses. This is key for any brand, as dissatisfied guests can represent millions in lost revenue. In sharing a sincere apology, guest recovery becomes exponentially more likely, as does guests’ repeat visits.


siteLogoEven More to Love

In addition to these key differentiators, Tattle ensured a swift onboarding process so that Gold Star could be up and running on the platform as soon as possible. Tattle’s integration abilities were especially important for the support of the Tom & Chee brand. The Shark Tank-backed Tom & Chee uses a different POS system than Gold Star. The brands use Brink and NCC respectively, and Tattle has the ability to integrate with both of these, as well as the Onosys system the brands use for online ordering.

Welcome Aboard!

Tattle’s ability to integrate into Gold Star’s robust tech stack, our mobile first approach, improvement focus, and guest recovery functionality were the ultimate deciding factors for Gold Star to choose the solution for their flagship brand as well as Tom & Chee. We look forward to a long partnership, and are honored to support Gold Star’s focus on serving up delicious food and an overall positive guest experience. 

To learn more about how Tattle can help your brand connect to guests through every channel available, including the opaque world of digital ordering and off-premises dining, feel free to reach out to us today at We’d love to learn more about how we can help!


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