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How is customer feedback collected?

When people ask us, do customer really fill out all these questions on your surveys?? We love to proudly answer with a bold, 'yes'. 

The improved format and UI of Tattle’s unique causation-based survey allows our partners to ask upwards of 55 to 70 questions that receive an average survey completion rate of 95%.

Getting this feedback gives teams a complete understanding of what caused poor guest satisfaction and removes the guess work for overrun GMs seeking to improve the guest experience.

So how is it actually collected? 

Take a look at this quick video to see for yourself!


Outside of customers receiving the a direct email link to the survey, our partners tell us they print QR codes and place them on their to-go packaging, place cardboard tents onto tables, and simply tell people at check out that a mobile survey is available to them. 

We've proven that when an option to provide private, direct feedback directly to a business is available to a customer, they are more than happy to give it! 

Ready to see for yourself? 

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