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New Feature Release: Incident Management Stats

Hi All,
I hope everyone is having an amazing April!

We really appreciated the feedback and recommendations we had received for the initial implementation of the Incidents Management System, so much so that we decided to expand the offering :)
Incidents Management Stats will now ensure team accountability to recapture lost revenue from dissatisfied guests with greater efficiency.
Through the release of Incidents Management Stats view, our partners can now more seamlessly track team recovery efforts in order to drive a responsive guest recovery process and track the efficiency of their efforts. Really exciting!
Located on the left side-bard of your dashboard, Incidents Stats can be found in the Incidents tab, tracking and trending the following key metrics across the enterprise:
  • Total Incidents: Tally of all 1-3 Star guest feedback submissions
  • Total Customers Recovered: Tally of 1-3 Star guests who have returned
  • Average Review: Average time elapsed before team member viewed the Incident within the dashboard
  • Average Reply: Average time elapsed before an apology email is sent
Additionally, partners will also be able to showcase their effectiveness in guest recovery strategies by measuring the following metrics:
  • Percentage of Incidents: 1-3 Star feedback submission percentage across entire enterprise
  • Reply Rate: Overall response rate of 1-3 Star feedback submissions
  • Satisfied with Reply: Overall rate of guests who have indicated they are satisfied with the apology message they received
With the ability to track these metrics via trending charts, tile boxes, and via CSV pull, we're extremely excited to help our partners strategically recover all lost revenue from dissatisfied guests with greater precision.
As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and look forward to hearing your continued feedback!

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