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Intercept negative reviews before they hit social media sites

Do you want to see an improvement to your ratings on social media? try this tactic.

Social media reviews can make or break a restaurant, especially in post-pandemic times when people are carefully watching where they spend their money. Let's take a look at some stats to set the mood:

  • 92% of diners read restaurant reviews
  • 77% of consumers look up more on peer reviews compared to critic reviews
  • 35% of guests discover restaurants through online reviews and the restaurant’s website
  • 90% of guests research a restaurant online before actually going there
  • and the big one, 33% of diners won’t eat in restaurants whose online rating is lower than 4-stars in review sites. Examples of which include Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google

Now consider this, what if there was a way you could intercept guest feedback before it went to a site like Yelp?

In the Tattle dashboard, users can spot negative feedback from guests in real-time and instantly respond, mitigating any issues before they become public. Similarly when guests have a good experience, Tattle users can encourage guests to post to Yelp, increasing the star factor for their business.

Take a look at our dashboard to see:



Our partners, 3Fifteen also found that being able to respond to guests directly from the dashboard dramatically changed their online presence. 

By asking for feedback instead of waiting to see a review pop up online gave their customers a chance to be more thoughtful with their evaluations. 3Fifteen now has an 89.6% rate for 4-5 star reviews. “The Dashboard is so easy to manage as well as read. That right there saves us a lot of time and effort to see the data, respond to customers, if necessary, as well as communicate effectively to the rest of our team,” says Dom Cassisi, Marketing Analyst at 3Fifteen.

“Being able to ask customers specific questions about what their experience was like and then categorize those things was probably one of the biggest advantages we’ve seen with Tattle so far on the retail side. The concept of getting people to review us while their experience is fresh in their minds is a game changer. People don’t always think to hop online and provide a review, but when you can ask them in a non-confrontational way, they appear to be more than happy to give details about their experience.”

Read more about 3Fifteen's experience with Tattle here.

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