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Announcing the ItsaCheckmate and Tattle partnership

With all the complexities going on in the world, we like it when things are simple and just make sense. 

itsacheckmate integration

Cue our partnership with ItsaCheckmate.

ItsaCheckmate is a dynamic platform that simplifies the order fulfillment and menu management process by integrating with multiple online ordering sources such as GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, Zuppler and many others. ItsaCheckmate allows you to have as many ordering platforms as you wish directly integrated into your POS. They streamline your IT stack by using your existing POS equipment, no additional hardware, printers, or tablets required. No matter how many menus you have, you can manage them all through their Menu Management Portal. See? Easy.  

Check out a quick overview of their platform here:


Because Tattle and ItsaCheckmate have joined forces, mutual partners can benefit from the integration by:

  • Implementing automated post-transaction survey distribution to guests for optimal engagement
  • Sending pre-populated surveys with transaction data to ensure 90%+ survey completion rate of 50-questions
  • Receiving statistically significant guest feedback volume for reliable identification of high-impact areas for improvement

  • Gaining more opportunity for guest recovery methods in order to extend hospitality beyond restaurants walls

You need an easy solution and ItsaCheckmate provides it. Ready to begin?  Simply complete the form on their website HERE. Once you sign up, you'll be prompted to create a login to access our onboarding portal.

Learn more about the ItsaCheckmate and Tattle partnership in this press release featuring mutual partner Farmer Boys. By combining Tattle’s ability to track customer feedback across all ordering channels with ItsaCheckmate’s platform, Farmer Boys positions itself to deliver an unmatched guest experience, with actionable insights provided to their store-level and leadership teams, driving guest satisfaction and in turn, sales. 

Says our CEO ALex Beltrani, “Our newest integration with ItsaCheckmate is another example of how we find synergy for our customers, integrating with leading category players.”

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