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New Feature Releases: Top Box, Feedback Photos, Guest Resolution

Hi All,
I hope everyone is wrapping up an incredible January!
We appreciate so much the feedback we have received regarding our last dashboard feature release: Operational Categories - Trend Analytics & Key Drivers. Our partners have been loving the ability to better understand what drives the guest experience across transaction channels, regions, and unique store groups as well as play a form of 'moneyball' to double-down on areas that most impact the overall guest experience.
Yes, you nailed it -- we've been neck deep in Michael Lewis literature at Tattle HQ :) 
With our recent release, we've focused our efforts on a few key areas to allow our partners to achieve the following:
  • Top Box: Striving for service excellence
  • Feedback Photos: Humanizing guest data
  • Guest Resolutions: More meaningfully connect with your guests
Top Box.png
We have now introduced the ability to view Operational Category analytics by Top Box scoring methodology. Top Box is a methodology that solely counts the highest rated answer choice in any given question against the total responses for that question. While scores here are generally lower, it is a scoring methodology that allows brands to strive for excellence as opposed to satisfaction.
feedback image.png
In an effort to humanize our guest feedback, we now include guest information data (Name and Profile Image) pulled from our partner in FullContact API as well as the ability for guests to take Photos of their experience. Aside from the high volume of sentiment data collected, guest names and images allow you to more keenly personalize responses to ensure guest loyalty and resolution.
Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.48.51 PM.png
Accompanied at the bottom of each Apology Email will be a Resolution Indicator for guests to complete in order for us to measure how effective your brand's apologies are through the eyes of your guests. More to come here as we introduce measurement for ongoing message template optimizations :)
We're extremely excited for the release of these enhancements to your dashboard geared to ensure the humanizing of guest data and the ability to meaningfully connect with guests as well as KPIs to strive for service excellence with targeted scoring methodologies. 
As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and look forward to hearing your continued feedback!
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