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Join the Fleet of Tattle Partners Transitioning to New Causation-Based Survey Format!

We’re off to the races! The first round of Tattle partners have transitioned to the new causal-based survey and have experienced powerful upgrades within their dashboard. The new causation-based survey unlocks sleek, sophisticated enhancements including a new operational categories page, an updated heat map and real-time notifications. Retaining factor-driven insights gives partners access to a higher level of actionable data to help operations teams improve guest experience increase per unit revenue.

Recent Snapshots proponent, Jenny Acosta, Brand Experience Manager of Junzi Kitchen, has glowingly approved of the new survey format as being highly differentiated for the team's process:

“It has been really fascinating to see the difference of more thorough responses we've been getting with Snapshots. We are now able to deliver exactly what the guests are looking for, rather than blindly interpreting a broad category.”

Jenny isn’t the first one to note the opportunity available with the industry’s first causation-based survey. Aside from a quicker and more concise guest experience, the data the new survey unlocks powerful advantages within the dashboard as follows.

Real-Time Notifications

With more granular information available about each operational category, partners can now conclude at a glance which pain points are causing low scores, all in real time. Say farewell to the days of low-rated Speed of Service feedback without the ability to interpret which checkpoint had impacted its satisfaction. Now, in a refined and sleek layout, it is easy to gauge that multiple guests have no issues with the prep/cook time efficiency, however much of the pain exists with the cashier during payment processing. Any and all team members can be set up to access this feedback directly in their inbox.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 5.28.40 PM

“With the ability to see real-time notifications in Snapshot form, it allows our team to more granularly identify and communicate which areas need specific improvement that we otherwise would not have been able to measure in the past. We can finally hold team members accountable for specific and critical areas we otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of.” - James Park, CEO of Garbanzo

Operational Categories

Within the new Operational Categories page, categories are now listed based upon which areas most strongly influences Customer Experience Rating--the highest Signal is reserved for the most important categories to work on. When each Category is selected, i.e, Online Ordering, partners can now see the granular Factors that impact each category at the location, group, and across the enterprise.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.06.25 AM



With the ability to understand the granular Factors that drive our high-Signal Operational Categories, it becomes much more simplistic to dial-in on which team members and which processes are ripe for improvement. Relaying and coaching these targeted insights among our team makes improving guest satisfaction all the more attainable, more quickly." 

- Spencer Rubin, CEO of Melt Shop

Heat Map

The new Heat Map format showcases low performing locations and categories. Measure scores across Snapshot categories to compare progress and development; it’s even color coded to illustrate data in a straightforward fashion.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.19.25 AM

“I have incorporated the Heat Map into my weekly schedule to ensure teams are focusing on the accurate categories to meet guest’s needs. I wear many hats here at Snappy Salads so it is a productive tool that helps me simplify and balance my time.”

Daniel Pinneaux, Director of Ops at Snappy Salads

Interested in identifying factor-driven data to boost guest experience and team morale? The power is in your hands! Switch to our causal-based survey today at zero cost to join some of the top partners in the space!


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