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Making magic with Maker Pizza

Our friends up north (Canada) are magicians when it comes to making pizza.

tattle and maker pizza


The pies offered from Maker Pizza are nothing short of magical. Made fresh with the "best ingredients you've ever had", the team at Maker doesn't claim to have invented the pizza. They just make it the way it was "meant to be made."

Traditionally, Maker Pizza offers a classic take-out menu of moderately priced sandwiches, salads, wings, and pizza, crafted with top quality ingredients by professional pie masters. 

In Covid times, they have taken the extra effort to tighten up their menu in order to serve customers more efficiently. While they plan to extend their menu again in the future, keeping things nice and simple, hot and delicious, Maker Pizzas are flying out the door to homes all over Toronto. 

Says Maker Pizza Owner, Shlomo Buchler, “The beginning of COVID was difficult, obviously. We weren’t really sure what was going to happen. We saw a dip in sales in mid-March but we were really lucky and by mid-April our sales were actually higher than they had been pre-COVID. They’ve been pretty steadily climbing ever since. We count ourselves very lucky. Although we have seen a dip in catering, especially at the Cameron Street location because offices are still empty downtown.”


“We value quality over anything else. We never want to stand still and we like to think that over the years our offerings have grown from strength to strength. We’re always looking to improve, and despite the expansion plans we are determined never to compromise quality for quantity. We are taking our time with all the new concepts and ensuring we do everything even better than we have previously. Our goal is to continue to improve just on an even larger scale.” Wanna meet your maker? Find a location now.


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