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A 'Mighty' good partnership with Mighty Quinn's!

When there's something on the menu called a, "Brontosaurus Rib", you know you're in for some really really really good BBQ.

mighty quinns and tattle


The team at Mighty Quinn's likes to keep it simple: source the best possible ingredients and then don't "fuss with them too much." Easy enough, right?

Born in NY, Mighty Quinn's brings together the best of all great BBQ techniques to create something uniquely its own. Steeped in tradition but offering a new life to the flavors, Might Quinn's also offers a non-traditional approach to their dining. You pick your meats and then get to watch as everything is hand carved per order.  Dinner and a show!

Pitmaster Hugh Mangum offers up some good advice when choosing your proteins, "There’s the obvious burgers or sausages, but don’t overlook or fear more ambitious cuts like a strip steak or rib eye. That being said my absolute all time favorite grilling meats are skirt and hangar steaks." And nothing on their menu is more ambitious than the famous Brontosaurus Rib. It's an is an on-the-bone short rib that smokes for up to 18 hours. It’s the most tender beef rib you will ever eat. Each full plate contains 3 ribs with a perfect mix of tender beef and spice. With a bone measuring around one foot long, you will feel your inner caveman or woman come alive.


Mouth watering yet? Yeah, ours too. Welcome to the team, Mighty Quinns. We'll accept a 'Bronto' any time.

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