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New Feature Release: Snapshots: Location-Level Goal-Setting & Team Accountability

Hey All,

Hope you're gearing up for an incredible holiday season!

As an exciting update, I wanted to share the beta-release of our new team goal-setting and accountability feature called Snapshots

With so many of our partners leveraging their Key Drivers and Opportunities across their locations, we thought to ourselves: how can we better mobilize onsite teams to diligently focus on and improve upon these same operational opportunities?

Over the past 6 months, our team has worked rigorously to create a system of goal-orientation and accountability set by C-Levels/Area Managers for GM execution in order to bridge the gap between the feedback insights aggregated within their dashboard and specific actions to be performed by the team onsite to improve upon these operational areas. 

In so many words: Snapshots was born :)

Current Objectives (Objectives Tab)
Through the release of Snapshots, our partners can now more seamlessly select their Objective for improvement, declare Action Items to ensure the Objective is achieved, and engage in its ongoing Progress throughout the month:

 C-Level/Area Manager Objective:

  • The Science: We use a causal-based survey format to ensure we are identifying the most influential operational Opportunity that actually causes guest dissatisfaction of a given location
  • The Strategy: The C-Level/Area Manager sets an Objective for the GM of a given location and for a specific Opportunity, i.e. improving Friendliness from an 81% to a 89%, to ensure the onsite team focuses on its most impactful operational area for improvement

GM Action Items: 

  • The Theory: Objectives & Action Items is an execution strategy inspired by Google and Amazon called OKRs, whereby upper management set an Objective, i.e. improving Friendliness from 85% to 90%, and empowered departmental staff to declare specific Action Items in order to achieve upper management's Objective 
  • The Strategy: The GM of a given location will set a series of Action Items within their dashboard to address the Objective, e.g. conduct employee training session on Friendliness and review customer touchpoint scenarios and recommended responses, to best align with the Objective to set by the C-Level/Area Manager at a given location
GM Dashboard

We are extremely excited to release the industry's first Customer Experience Management and Improvement Platform. Through Snapshots, our partners can finally synthesize the robust guest feedback insights collected into focused, actionable, and goal-oriented strategies to ensure the framework of team accountability and ongoing operational improvement. 

As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you in January 2019 and look forward to hearing your continued feedback!
- The Tattle Team

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