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New Feature Releases: In-Dashboard Automated Response Management, Incident Involvement Rate (%), Operational Category Scores (%)

Hello All-

The Tattle Team here, to check in and wish you and your families a healthy, happy upcoming holiday season! We hope your turkeys and tofurkeys make for great leftover sandwiches for weeks to come! 

We've launched a bunch of exciting new features that are live in your dashboards, waiting to better organize your data and help make your lives easier. Each feature has been carefully selected and created based on demand from our partners, so keep the feedback and feature ideas coming; they do not go unnoticed. 

Without further ado... it is a pleasure to introduce you to the newest features: In-Dashboard Automated Response Management, Incident Involvement Rate (%) and Operational Category Scores (%) in Questionnaire Results.

In-Dashboard Automated Response Management

While we have offered Automated Responses in the past, we are now happy to announce that you are able to view and manage these responses within your dashboard.

When you navigate to the Questionnaire > Manage page, you will now see an Automated Response Management section for each questionnaire. This allows you to view (and edit if you have proper permissions) the Automated Responses for that specific questionnaire.

All users will be able to see the Automated Response logic, but if you wish to make edits directly, please contact your Tattle CSM.

Automated Messages by Star Rating

In addition, you can set up a default Automated Response for any Customer Experience Rating (CER) by simply selecting a message template from the associated drop-down menu.

Automated Messages by Conditional Questions

If you'd like to get more granular and send specific responses based on how the guest answered a specific question, you can click on + Conditional Question. Using the options available, you can select which questions and answers would trigger a specific email template.

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 1.25.34 PM

Incident Involvement Rate (%)

In our continued effort to uncover new insights about your guests' experience and identify areas for improvement, we have added a new metric we are calling Incident Involvement Rate.

Incident Involvement Rate indicates how often an Operational Category is rated 3-stars or less when the Customer Experience Rating (CER) is rated 3-stars or less.

Why is this important?

When a guest rates their overall experience 3-stars or less, it is known as an Incident. It is important to know when Operational Categories are most often involved in those incidents, by understanding which ones are rated 3-stars or less.

When can I see Incident Involvement Rate?

Incident Involvement Rate can be seen on the Operational Categories page as well as on the Location Overview pages in the Operational Categories section.


Operational Category Scores (%) in Questionnaire Results

Easily see the results for both your Operational Categories and steps of service & marketing questions within the same page.

Grouped by Similar Questions

By default, Operational Categories and questions on this page are grouped by similar questions. This means that across all of your questionnaires, it will show just one entry for each category even if it is used on multiple questionnaires. This is great for getting a global idea, independent of the ordering or dining method.

Grouped by Questionnaire

When you click the Group By Questionnaire button, you will instantly see Operational Categories and questions separated out by each questionnaire that you have. While this is not new for the questions, this has not been available for Operational Categories previously. You can now easily see how each category is preforming across multiple ordering or dining channels, on one page.
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 3.55.53 PM

That's all for the new feature round-up, folks. As Thanksgiving approaches, it is important for us to remind each and every one of you how thankful we are to be able to provide you with more productive features and as a result, better operational decisions.

Stay tuned for new, exciting feature releases to come, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out with any suggestions.


Feature descriptions provided by CTO & Co-founder, Jeremy Zaborowski

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