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New Feature Release: Incidents Management System

Hi All, 
I hope everyone is wrapping up an incredible February!
We appreciate so much the feedback we have received regarding our last dashboard feature release: Top Box, Feedback Photos, and Guest Resolution. Our partners have been loving the ability to strive for excellence with Top Box scoring, couple experiential feedback data with onsite feedback images from guest experiences, as well as understanding the effectiveness of their uniquely worded Apology emails. 
With our platform's unique ability to collect unprecedented feedback levels, we've discovered that 
while feedback serves as a core driver for operational improvement and increased revenue with improved decisioning, direct customer engagement also provides a meaningful opportunity to recapture lost revenue from dissatisfied guests that may otherwise never return to your business.
In time, dissatisfied customers begin to represent substantial levels of monthly, annual, and lifetime value revenue erosion that would've otherwise gone unrecorded without an internal feedback infrastructure to both collect and respond to guest feedback.
... but, fret not :)
Through the release of our Incidents Management System, our partners can now more seamlessly identify dissatisfied guests and adhere to an accountable follow up process within the dashboard to recover revenue and track the efficiency of their efforts. Really exciting!
inci use.png
Located on the left side-bard of your dashboard, 1-3 Star feedback submissions can be found in the Incidents tab to monitor and track GM responsiveness to these Tattles by location as well as guest resolution in the following ways:
  • Feedback Review: Time elapsed before GMs reviewed the 1-3 Star feedback submission
  • Response to Guest: Time elapsed before GMs responded to the 1-3 Star feedback submission with an Apology
  • Guest Resolution: Guest indication of whether they were satisfied with the nature of the GM response
  • Guest Recovery: Verified recovery of a guest's return via the redemption of their reward or additional feedback submission
We're extremely excited for the release of the Incidents Management System to your dashboard as both an added layer of accountability among team members and transparency to highlight the power of timely responses, the effectiveness of personalized messages, and the benefits of revenue recovery of formerly dissatisfied guests. 
As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and look forward to hearing your continued feedback!

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