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New Feature Release: Company & Industry Benchmarking by Ordering Channel, CER (1-5 Star Rating), and Incidents (%)!

Hey Everyone,

As the Spring season delightfully emerges, we are exciting to share the recent innovation abloom within your Tattle dashboard!


We know... what else is new ;)

This month, the Tattle Team has released an entirely reimagined Dashboard Overview page with a focus on the contextual ranking of your respective Ordering Channels, e.g. Dine-In, Order Ahead, and Delivery, as well as the relative rankings of your CER (1-5 Star Rating) and Incidents Rate (%) compared to both your Company and Industry Average.

That's right -- you are now able to understand where each of your Ordering Channels, Groups, and Locations stack up against your Company and the Industry average scores. Very exciting :)

CER & Incidents Ratings:

Atop your Dashboard Overview, each of your brand-level Company CER and Company Incidents Rating is now compared against the Industry CER and Industry Incidents Rates to best understand competitive benchmarking:

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.32.05 PM

Ordering Channels:

With the ability to now visibly display Ordering Channel rankings to understand top and bottom performing guest experiences by channel, we continue to provided added context through each channel's comparison against CER and Incidents Rates on both the Company and Industry-level:

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.43.18 PM

Groups & Locations:

Identical to Ordering Channels, Groups & Locations are now also compared against the Company and Industry CER and Incidents Rate for greater comprehension into relative performance:

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 11.05.03 PM


Through the ability to compare Ordering Channels as well as Groups and Locations against Company and Industry performance metrics, our partners will now attain greater transparency and context into operational performance, especially as scores fall below Industry average.

To get started, simply refresh your dashboard and instantly gain invaluable insight into where your brand stacks up in the space. As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

All the best,

The Tattle Team

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