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New Feature Release: Introducing Filter by Daypart and the Daypart Table

Yay DaypartsCan you believe it’s already June? We’re ready for warmer and sunnier days ahead, and to celebrate, we just launched brand new features to our daypart functionality. Let’s dive in to learn more about why dayparts matter so much right now, especially with reopening, and how our new Filter by Daypart capability and the Daypart Table will be able to help you at this crucial industry crossroads.

Daypart – Restaurant-Speak for a Labeled Segment of the Day
You know the drill. Dayparts are how your restaurant locations break down different segments of the day, such as a breakfast daypart from 6 AM to 11 AM, or a lunch daypart from 11 AM to 2 PM. And so on and so forth. Back in December, we introduced the Daypart Heatmap Report, to help you uncover trends and opportunities within each of your dayparts. Our latest daypart features make it even easier to dig deeper into your operational focus.

And it’s also probably not news to you that during these past few months, activity by daypart has been turned upside down throughout the industry. The once solid breakfast daypart seemed to fall off a cliff once almost everyone started working from home. Activity during the dinner hours saw an uptick, especially as many people grew weary of cooking dinner every day and became more open to ordering take-away food.

Now, as the nation gradually reopens, a clear view of what’s happening during your dayparts will allow you to seize opportunities during your most lucrative dayparts, and help you monitor the CX when consumers are ready to dine in-store again. Here’s how our new features can help you spot trends that need to be addressed for the happiness of your guests.

Filter by Daypart
Many popular visualizations and insights throughout the dashboard can now be filtered down to a single daypart. Simply choose the daypart you want a closer look at, and the dashboard will return all the data associated with that particular segment of the day. You’ll now be able to see your highest opportunities for improvement and can even dig deeper into specific trends across your brand when you filter by location, group, date range, or questionnaire.

How This Helps
More visibility into dayparts can help users determine when and where to make improvements. You can better answer questions such as, “Which of my stores is performing the best at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?” This is so important as diners return to dining rooms, with safety and cleanliness top of mind for guests.

Combined with Tattle’s survey questions targeted at guests’ perceptions of sanitation and safety, filtering by daypart will allow you to spot trends during different times of day, allowing you to pinpoint if specific team members need more training, or if your dining room needs more staff assigned to cleaning at busier times.

Daypart - email

For more details on how this new feature works, please visit the Tattle Changelog.

Daypart Table
With dayparts customized, it only made sense to also add a Daypart Table to your dashboard on the Merchant Overview page, much like the Channel, Group, and Location Tables that are there. This will appear automatically for anyone that has custom dayparts set up for their brand.

How This Helps
This is just another step in our efforts to help you dig deeper and target your operational focus. Dayparts can now be compared on the primary metrics of volume, CER, and Incident Rate. You can also easily see how each daypart compares to both the overall company average and the industry average—it’s important to keep up with how your competitors are doing!

Daypart Enhancement Screen Capture 3

More about the Daypart Table can be found in our changelog.

Onward and Upward
As your brand ramps back up for the busy summer season ahead, you’ll likely continue to see heightened levels of off-premises diners, as well as the return of on-site guests. Tattle is here to support you every step on this crazy journey, and we know our new Daypart enhancements will add value to your operational strategy and bottom line.

Want to learn more about these features, or the other ways Tattle’s innovative approach to Customer Experience Improvement makes the success of our brand partners possible? Drop us a line at We’re always down to chat!

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