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New Feature Release: Location-Level Overview Re-Design; Company CER, Ordering Channel CER, Incidents (%), and Opportunity Benchmarking

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Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the rapid descent into Summer!

This month, the Tattle Team has extended the same reimagined capabilities of the Global & Groupable Dashboard Overview page to the Location-Level Overview page for Single Users, e.g. GMs, Franchise Owners, etc... with the same critical focus on the contextual location-level ranking of your respective Ordering Channels, as well as the relative rankings of your CER (1-5 Star Rating) and Incidents Rate (%) compared strictly to your Company Average.

That's right! In the same fashion that Global & Groupable Users are now able to understand where each of their Ordering Channels, Groups, and Locations stack up against the Company and Industry average scores, Single Users now have this same advantage within their respective domain. Very exciting :)

CER & Incidents (%) Benchmarking:

Each of the Location-level CER and Incidents (%) and are now compared against the Company CER to best understand their relative standing within the company:

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 6.23.49 PM

Ordering Channels:

Each of the Location-level Ordering Channels, e.g. Take-Out, Delivery, Dine-In, etc... and are now compared against each other to best understand their relative standing at the location:

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 6.25.24 PM


Single Location Users are now provided with their Opportunities listed in order of having the highest to lowest impact on overall CER (1-5 Star Rating) if improved:

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 6.55.03 PM


At the Location-Level, Single Users are now provided with the same actionable and high-impact insights garnered from team members with access to the Global & Groupable Overview Dashboard pages. 

For all team members to get started, simply refresh your dashboard and instantly gain invaluable insight into where each location stacks up within the company across key performance metrics. As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

All the best,

The Tattle Team

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