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New Feature Release: Measure Granular Aspects of The Guest Experience With Our New Causation-Based Survey!

Hi All,

I hope everyone is staying bundled-up this February! And for the lucky ones living in kinder climates, I hope your sun-kissed selves are enjoying the Vitamin D.

We are extremely excited to announce that the Tattle Team has launched the industry's first causation-based survey called Snapshots that now allows our partners to measure the granular aspects of their operational categories to identify which specific factors are causing guest satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Over the past four months, we have been intently listening to feedback from our partners to help us both elevate the state of innovation for surveys in the space as well as provide far greater utility through a more actionable survey format and analytics presentation within our partners dashboards.

Through Snapshots, partners can now measure both core operational categories, i.e. Food Quality, as well as the factors that Positively, Neutrally, or Negatively impact each category, e.g. Presentation, Temperature, Freshness, Texture, and Flavor, without having to prompt guests with excessive questions. Finally, partners can now understand which factors of any given operational category most impacts guest satisfaction by location, by group, and across their enterprise.



Have you ever wondered which aspect of Speed of Service was actually slow? Or, which food item of Order Accuracy was actually inaccurate?

In addition to measuring more granular and targeted aspects of the guest experience, Snapshots has been proven to drive higher survey completion rates (%) when compared to traditional surveys as well as collect roughly 15-20 more data points, without having to ask guests 15-20 more questions. The simplicity of the Snapshots survey format combined with the presentation of causal-based within the dashboard allows brands to no longer conclude that "Accuracy is low", but that "Special Instructions and Entree" are causing low Accuracy scores:


Recent Snapshots proponent, Jenny Acosta, Brand Experience Manager of Junzi Kitchen, has glowingly approved of the new survey format as being highly differentiated for the team's process:

“It has been really fascinating to see the difference of more thorough responses we've been getting with Snapshots. We are now able to deliver exactly what the guests are looking for, rather than blindly interpreting a broad category.”

We are extremely excited to release the industry's first causal-based survey to enable partners to collect more actionable feedback insights from guests and allow onsite teams to be apply more impactful strategies at the store-level.

As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and looking forward to walk you through a demo for quick setup today!

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