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New Feature Release: Real-Time Key Drivers & Opportunities

Hi All,
I hope everyone is having an amazing October!

We really appreciate the feedback and recommendations we have received for our Guest Insights presentations, highlighting both brand-level and location-level Monthly Key Drivers & Opportunities of our partners' operational categories satisfaction. 
Due to the eager anticipation of our monthly Guest Insights presentations, we decided to accelerate the process for our partners by showcasing location-level Real-time Key Drivers & Opportunities for viewing within their dashboard at their discretion.
Agreed, much faster this way :)
Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 2.54.33 PM
Through the release of Real-time Key Drivers and Opportunities, our partners can now more seamlessly identify the most actionable operational areas for their District Managers and General Managers to swiftly improve guest satisfaction at their locations:

Key Drivers:

  • The Science: We use the Pearson Correlation Coefficient to determine the operational categories that are most correlated to overall guest satisfaction
  • The Strategy: Identifying operational categories that most correlate to overall guest satisfaction via ordering channel, e.g. Dine-In, Order Ahead, and Delivery, or date range, ensures that District and General Managers align with the 'make or break' areas of guest satisfaction 
  • The Science: We use the Key Driver and Top Box (%) scores of each operational category to determine the most pressing Opportunities for a given location
  • The Strategy: Identifying the most pressing Opportunities for a given location via ordering channel, e.g. Dine-In, Order Ahead, and Delivery, or date range, ensures that District and General Managers mobilize their teams to swiftly improve guest satisfaction in high priority areas   
We're extremely excited to offer our partners the swift ability to identify the most transformational operational areas of the guest experience for highly targeted and actionable guest satisfaction improvement.
To note, all Key Drivers & Opportunities are located on the Overview view for each individual location of your brand. 
key drivers & opps
As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and look forward to hearing your continued feedback!
- The Tattle Team

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