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Create an oasis with Loot Rentals

If you've ever doubted your eye for interior design, you never will again after a chat with the folks from loot rentals.

3Fifteen boosts online presence by adding Tattle to their CX strategy

An overwhelming amount of online reviews across 12 locations was causing 3Fifteen to search for ways to digest all of the data. 

Can customer loyalty be achieved in a virtual environment?

Being an 'off-premise' business for over a year has changed the way brands approach their customers. but have they lost consumer loyalty?

AI/ML Goes Hand-in-Hand with CXI

Over the last several months, tattle has grown into a certifiable data company, collecting over 80 million rows of direct customer feedback data.

Chill out with the Chi'lantro BBQ Team

How good is the food truck bbq that was featured on shark tank? Those who have tried it say it's, 'magical'.

The cannabis industry is boosting loyalty through customer feedback

With more and more cannabis retailers cropping up across the US, retaining customer loyalty has become integral to building a successful business model. 

How can customer feedback improve employee performance?

Gathering feedback is part of a restaurant's operational strategy- but how does it affect employees?

Everyone loves a good burger, so go out and Eat Brgz!

One of the finest looking burgers out there, the eat brgz team has joined the tattle family!

How chain restaurants are thriving with customer data

"Customer data can be used to better shape the customer experience and drive higher lifetime value for individual locations and the entire brand." - Zeta

Iron Hill Brewery needs to be on your list of places to go this summer

If you like to 'eat local', the team at iron hill brewery gets as close to local as you can get.

How data is helping the restaurant industry understand buying behaviors

We recently observed, over a 90-day period, that tattle had collected over 14 million data points across our restaurant partner's locations.

Tattle’s Incident Management Capabilities Give Roy Rogers New Guest Recovery System

For over 50 years roy rogers restaurants have been serving up delicious classics to people across america.

Founded in 1968, Roy Rogers has seen a lot of...

Tony Sacco's Gives a 'Cool' Update to Coal Oven Pizza

When three friends decided to make coal oven pizza 'cool' again after 500 years, tony sacco's was born.

Are you giving your customers the best experience?

A recent study states that 70% of the buying experience is based on how the customer feels they are treated.

Perception is everything to a customer. How...

Cool off this summer with Chill-N

What's cooler than being cool? chill-n is your new favorite spot this summer.

The Counter Uses Tattle’s Causation-Based Survey to See Significant Increase in Feedback

The Counter was ready to make a change. 

Pop "The Counter" into your search engine and you'll see the heavy-hitting burger chain appear on multiple lists...

Krimson King is a 'different' kind of restaurant collective

With three different restaurants it services, Accomplice beer company, The Good Egg, and Wyoming's Rib & Chop House, Krimson King is a culture-driven...

Din Tai Fung implements Tattle to inspire 'Friendly Competition' across locations

Din Tai Fung knows great experiences are what keep customers coming back for more.

That's why when Covid hit and they lost insight into the guest...

*NEW* Order information now available on feedback submissions!

If an incident occurs at your restaurant, you want to know everything about that event so you can prevent it from happening again. Right?

96 years later, Frank Pepe's is still serving hot pizza!

Direct from italy, frank pepe's has been serving up delicious, authentic italian food for almost a century.

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