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Partner Spotlight: Matchbox Restaurants Uses Tattle and 'Matchbox Olympics' to Improve Steps of Service

Hearing from guests at high-volume is a highly important component of Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro's operations process, but it has not always been the easiest of feats for the Matchbox team.

In fact, much of the feedback infrastructure established by Matchbox, as well as the majority of Tattle's partners prior to using Tattle, consisted of a combination of mystery shopper reports and direct guests emails that lead to ongoing data fragmentation and feedback bias. 
After years of utilizing mystery shopper reports, Harvey Metro (CEO), Fred Herrmann (VP of Ops), Brandi Fannell (Director of Learning and Talent Development), and Tricia Barba (Director of Marketing) each echoed the prevailing needs:
  • "hearing directly from our guests, not paid auditors"
  • "receiving high-frequency, high-volume feedback that felt more statistically representative than mystery shoppers reports" 
  • "the ability to dictate the feedback we would like to see by asking survey questions our team cares about most"
After identifying the clear advantages of transitioning towards these ideals, Tattle has helped Matchbox Restaurants create a re-imagined feedback infrastructure predicated upon a mobile-first solution for collecting direct feedback from guests at an extremely high volume with the ability to edit questions in real-time within the Tattle dashboard that best suits the team needs. 
Generally, once feedback can be collected in high-volume and aggregated in an intuitive and simple dashboard, more impactful team alignment and culture ensues to further elevate team performance. With Matchbox, the team set an objective set to increase service standards by focusing intently on Steps of Service to unlock a more memorable guest experience. As a result, the team launched 'Matchbox Olympics' coupled its launch with a full-scale company initiative by awarding one location with the highest Steps of Service score (%) as the declarative winner. 
Without further ado, I present the opening ceremony video created by the Matchbox Restaurants' Marketing team that just may put all other Opening Ceremony videos to shame -- enjoy :)
Opening Ceremony Video:
Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 10.24.24 PM
Through the collective alignment of the Senior Management team and restaurant operators, Matchbox Restaurants is now averaging roughly 139 feedback submissions per location over the last 30-days (a leader across all Tattle partners) and is currently driving its best Customer Experience Rating (1-5 Stars) to date during this time.
Customer feedback lies at the core of any company's culture. The ability to effectively collect and leverage the value of the data that best aligns with company objectives leads to profound company results. In the wise words of Peter Drucker, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

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