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Pie Five Pizza, Red's Savoy Pizza, Fore Coffee, Riko's Pizza, Farmbird, The Granola Bar, California Pastrami, and The Counter Partner With Tattle & Bad Daddy's Expands To All Locations!

Pie Five Pizza
Pie Five Pizza is a fast casual restaurant chain specializing in handcrafted personal pizza made in less than 5 minutes. Pie Five Pizza is considered a pioneer of the first fast casual pizza category and has twice been named among Fast Casual’s Top 15 “Movers & Shakers”.
The first Pie Five location opened on June 3, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas. The brand is owned by Rave Restaurant Group, which also owns Pizza Inn, and currently operates over 60 restaurants across the United States.
Red's Savoy Pizza
In 1965, Earl “Red” Schoenheider opened the first Red’s Savoy Pizza location on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota. The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza name has become legendary throughout the Midwest, known for its spicy, secret-recipe sauce and for its old-school atmosphere… with a kick! 
Red's prides itself in having delicious, unpretentious pizza. From our proprietary spicy sauce, to our housemade sausage, to cheese piled high, this is serious pizza. Since opening, its outstanding, old-school thin-crust pizza has developed a cult-like following among its fans and has grown to more than 15 locations
Fore Coffee
Established in 2018, Fore Coffee is a passionate coffee startups aiming to brew the best specialty coffee for our customer. As its name is derived from the word forest, its aim is to grow fast, strong, tall and bring life to its surroundings, with a core focus to increase coffee quality for its community.

Leveraging network and experience, Fore Coffee uses the latest tech for its tools and bean blend. Directly from the selected farmer, high-quality beans are processed and roasted to perfection by ourselves then passed on to our skilled barista, excitedly prepare the cup of happiness to be served to its valued guests, especially.
Riko's Pizza
“Riko’s Pizza is a “new generation” pizzeria located in Fairfield County, CT. Riko’s strives to serve the highest quality thin crust pizza with a complement of salads, wings and other menu items, using quality ingredients.

Riko’s Pizza’s goal is to enrich the lives of its guests, employees and community. Riko's Pizza achieves this through superior quality food, treating its employees and customers like family. Riko's strives to take an active role in our community supporting philanthropic endeavors.


Farmbird is a grilled chicken restaurant located in Washington, DC and strives to change the way that people think about chicken. By combining the rare pleasure of a perfectly roasted chicken and bold flavors, Farmbird hopes to put a new spin on the nourishing, sustainable food customers grew up eating.

Farmbird's menu items are prepared from scratch daily, using fresh ingredients and classic techniques. No freezers, no fryers, no microwaves. We're committed to serving only the highest quality, never-frozen chicken. Its birds are raised humanely on an all-vegetarian diet without growth hormones or antibiotics on regional farms in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.
The Granola Bar
Owners, Dana and Julie, met in Westport, CT in 2010 at a birthday party that both were attending with their daughters.  They immediately struck up a conversation about how to get kids to eat, and a friendship was born.  Upon meeting, Julie shared her crazy idea with Dana to start a granola company — to make a beautiful, handmade, giftable granola.  Dana was on board and O.A.T.S. Granola was born.Two years into their granola business, a colleague recommended that they consider cooking O.A.T.S. in their hometown, which would give them an opportunity to create a cafe experience in the front.  The always hungry ladies got together and wrote a menu of their dreams.  They knew that in addition to delicious, modern, beautiful food, they would want a space where their community in Westport could feel happy and comfortable and have an experience beyond the food.  The Granola Bar opened its doors December 7, 2013.

Dana and Julie had ZERO experience in the restaurant business, so they have approached their company as customers.  The customer experience is at the forefront of everything they do and how they lead the staff in the business as well.  Happy, thoughtful, caring service – with faster and healthier food – makes for The Granola Bar experience!
California Pastrami
Owner, Joe Rodriguez, opened its first California Pastrami location at 6125 Montgomery NE in Albuquerque in 2011, and has developed a strong reputation and garnered a slew of positive customer reviews. 

California Pastrami menu is a nod to his Southern California roots, obtaining pastrami from a California supplier with an ode to traditional processing in natural slabs. At California Pastrami, the pastrami sandwiches are among its most popular sellers, as are the Reuben and Philly cheesesteaks. But the restaurant also does a variety of other sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, burritos and tacos.
The Counter
Founded in 2003 by Jeff Weinstein, The Counter is a high end casual dining restaurant chain in the United States, Ireland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Ghana.The Counter offers a fresh, unconventional approach to creating the ultimate burger, offering a checklist-style clipboard menu that lists over a million possible combinations enabling consumers to endlessly create new burger experiences.

The Counter is constantly delivering the most unique items using only the best of humanely-raised and handled, antibiotic and hormone-free, vegetarian-fed, 100 percent natural beef, all-natural chicken and turkey and vegan veggie burgers, all grilled to order. Guests can then pair the custom-built burgers with tantalizing shakes, flavorful fries and onion rings, plus craft beer.

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