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Using data to set monthly goals for your business

Tattle Accumulates massive amounts of data and aggregates it into a simplified dashboard allowing you to see the highest opportunity for improvement. 

Through our various API integrations through loyalty, digital ordering, mobile pay, kiosks, and websites, guest feedback filters into Tattle in droves. blaze

Our average questionnaire contains 55 questions and while that sounds like a lot, our survey completion rate is over 94%. This helps to inform our algorithms and AI-driven recommendations such as Tattle Objectives. 

Objectives help brands to identify areas of improvement based on performance. Through our technology we have the ability to give our partners these Objectives and turn them into goals. Because our Dashboard has three specific view for three different user types (Global users, Groupbale users, and Single-location users), each user sees what Objectives are important at their respective level. For example, the company Objective may be Accuracy. Within this Objective, there are multiple factors that comprise this category that can positively or negatively impact it. 

Check out this quick video to learn more about how Objectives work: 

Tattle Academy_ How to use Objectives and Objectives Notifications

Setting monthly goals for your team allows them to focus on only the things that will most likely improve guest satisfaction across all locations. And you know what's even better? We do all the heavy lifting to ensure your team receives these goals. We send every single team member their Monthly Objective Kick-Off, Mid-Month Progress, and End of Month Results as they work towards their goal. 

Andrew Eck, VP of Marketing & Ops at The Halal Guys said, "Tattle provides an essential service to help our team manage, coach, and improve our 100+ Halal Guys locations and franchisees across the world."

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