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Snappy Salads, Retail Worx, Hannah's Bretzel, V Pizza, Eskimo Hut, and CLB Restaurants Partner With Tattle

Snappy Salads:
Snappy Salads is here to help time-starved adults discover craveable salads that deliver on guest satisfaction and refreshment.

With a commitment to healthier lifestyle and a great meal, Snappy Salads believes that every company has an obligation to provide more than a product or service to create value – it should also serve a higher purpose. By sourcing high quality ingredients that taste great and meet its environmental requirements, Snappy Salad promises to show up each day to serve you the highest quality salad you request as quickly and efficiently as they can. 

Retail Worx:
Retail Worx started in 2015 set to change the retail landscape by building a community of hospitality and wellness brands that create meaningful lifestyle experiences for today’s conscious consumer. 

Retail Worx’s restaurant concepts in Omakasa, Taco Dumbo, and Bridges General have locations in New York and California with other states in the works. With a commitment towards the highest quality products and satisfaction of its staff, Retail Worx has incubated, operated and scaled its brands while mitigating risk and accelerating growth.

Hannah's Bretzel:
Known for its freshly prepared tasty sandwiches, clean specialty ingredients and freshly baked, house-made organic bread, Hannah's Bretzel now represents 7 locations across Chicago. 

Hannah's Bretzel's aim to be ÜBER fuels the team to seek innovations and ideas that will have a positive impact on the well-being of its Team, Community, Partners, and Investors. Yet its core purpose always remains the same: make insanely tasty food, provide healthier nutrition on the go, and do it with the smallest environmental footprint possible. 
V Pizza:

V Pizza is the idea, creation, and funding of three Jacksonville natives with the team's main goal to bring true Neapolitan pizza to its home town.

Along with the excitement to bring authentic, very high quality food to Jacksonville, each location also has its own lovable qualities: from the building, to the people, to the cocktail bar, to the tap garden. V Pizza is proud to deliver a truly authentic pizza experience and want you to love the ovens, ingredients, and people…as much as they do!
Eskimo Hut:

The Eskimo Hut is a chain of drive-thru convenience stores with frozen daiquiris and margaritas to-go! Started in Amarillo in 1996, Eskimo Hut has been growing across Texas with dedicated customers that love its real frozen daiquiris, unsurpassed customer service and always low prices. 

Eskimo Hut strives to provide a convenience store experience you will never forget. With all the basic amenities of a regular convenience store, we also offer our signature frozen daiquiris and margaritas to-go! That's right, guests can stop by any of its stores and get a real alcoholic frozen daiquiri and margarita to take home and enjoy.

CLB Restaurants:
Founded in 2010 by Craig Barnum, CLB Restaurants is a restaurant group based out of Central Ohio that consists of two concepts: Matt the Miller’s Tavern, of which there are four current locations – in Dublin, Grandview, and the Polaris area of Central Ohio, and Carmel, Indiana; and Tucci’s in Historic Dublin. 
At all of its locations, CLB Restaurants strive to provide our guests with a chef-driven menu, exceptional service, and a comfortable, high-energy atmosphere, embodying the motto: Life is short. Enjoy family, friends, and good times.

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