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SuViche, Boardwalk Burgers, Evergreens, Buona, and Red Hook Lobster Pound Partner with Tattle, and MOD Pizza Expands to All Locations!

MOD Pizza 
mod piz
MOD was founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Scott and Ally Svenson, in their hometown of Seattle. Inspired by their own search for quick, affordable, wholesome restaurant options for their growing family, they started to wonder if there were a better way of doing pizza – and business. It all started sounding pretty great, and soon Scott and Ally were opening the first MOD Pizza in downtown Seattle.
MOD is the original superfast pizza experience – a pioneering fast-casual concept that puts you in the driver’s seat. Artisan-style pizzas and salads are individually sized, made on demand, and ready in just minutes. Choose from over 30 toppings – the price stays the same no matter what you pick. Food authenticity is a huge deal for MOD Pizza – where it comes from, how it’s prepared – and of course, how it tastes. From pressing our dough daily to roasting vegetables – MOD has made it a priority to keep its food true.
At its heart, however, MOD is a platform for doing good. The idea? If they take care of our employees, they’ll take care of you, and its business will take care of itself. We call it Spreading MODness, and after opening stores across the U.S. and U.K., MOD think it’s working.



SuViche Blends Peruvian And Asian Influences For Cuisine With A Kick. SuViche was created by Michelin trained superstar chef, Jamie. Pesaque “The ‘Su’ is from sushi while “Viche” is from ceviche. SuViche,” said Corporate Chef Arturo Machado. The Japanese and Peruvian restaurant chain located in Miami, Florida. The innovative fast-casual restaurant strives create unique dishes that integrates the two cuisines rather than fuse them together.

The first SuViche restaurant opened 2010 in the heart of Brickell and quickly became the go-to stop for local professionals. Now with six locations, SuViche has gone on to open up the first Pisco Bar in Miami and continues to redefine the fast-casual culinary industry.Boardwalk burgers was developed on the beautiful coast of Maryland in 1981. Starting off as the favorite summertime stop to get fries with the family,

Boardwalk Burgers


Boardwalk Burgers wanted everyone to get the chance to taste their famous French fries. By 1987 Boardwalk Burgers had franchise locations from coast to coast.

Since then the iconic brand has opened 26 locations in five countries and plans to open up more locations this year. Boardwalk Burgers also introduced a fresh burger to go along with their fries and shakes to their menu, making them one of the hottest summertime stops.The Pacific Northwest brand



Evergreens is a healthy fast-food restaurant concept offers customizable salads, wraps, and warm grain bowls. The brand is committed to only sourcing local ingredients to provide customers with a wholesome meal that fits right into their active lifestyles. With its fresh-cut greens, small-batch house made dressings, and over 40 toppings, the trendy brand makes living healthy eating, easy as cake!After merging with adjacent brand, Garden Bar this past year, the

Evergreens restaurant chain will operate a total of 26 locations across Washington and Oregon. Evergreens is a catalyst for evolutionizing the fast-food industry by growing ingredients slowly, and serving food quickly.



Buona established in 1925 was Scala’s original beef and sausage company. The historical beef originators began selling their Italian beef on the corner of a Chicago suburb and cooked and sold their sausage on steel barrel grills. Locals flocked to them when they offered their Italian Beef sandwiches, called ‘soakers’.

The Scala brothers teamed up with Al Ferreri and Baba Pacelli and soon became the first documented Italian beed and sausage stand in 1938. Keeping the legacy of the original beef recipe alive, Buona continues to sell quality meat dishes to 26 locations all over the Chicago area.

Red Hook Lobster Pound


Widely known for having the freshest lobster in NYC, Red Hook Lobster Pound continues to draw crowds to their restaurants for their renowned lobster rolls. The company was founded in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2008 by Ralph Gorham and Susan Povich took a trip to visit their friend in Maine. Their trip sparked the two to open up a lobster by the pound shack. They quickly started selling their delectable lobster rolls at the Brooklyn Flea.

Now Red Hook Lobster Pound continues to be an international seafood destination at local food markets, food trucks, and stand locations. In addition to their restaurant locations, Red Hook Lobster Pound brings the fresh fishing catches of Maine straight to the local east coast lunch eateries.

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