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Tattle Academy: How to Respond to Guest Feedback—and Why This Matters More than Ever.

Time to head back to school with our latest Tattle Academy—and this time, we’re going to teach you how to respond to your guests using Tattle’s Messaging Templates.

The way you interact with guests is nothing like it was just six months ago. Your locations may be reopening for on-site dining (even if it’s alfresco dining only), or you could still be in 100% off-premises mode. Regardless, diners expect the majority of their experiences to occur via take-out or delivery orders.

Even though you may be practicing social distancing from your customers, you can still extend your hospitality in other ways--which is key when it comes to the off-premises guest experience.

blog infographic

Cue Tattle’s Messaging Templates—your direct connection to guests that have left feedback on their experiences. What’s great about this feature is that authorized members of your team can complete this task, even if they are location-level users. Tattle’s streamlined dashboard makes it easy for any user to reply to unhappy guests, with the ultimate goal of repeat visits and recovered revenue.

Apology Message Template

You can even contact guests that had a great experience—a fast and effective way to let those happy customers know you appreciate them and their business—and encourage brand loyalty and repeat patronage of your restaurant!

Thank you message template

Ready for a more in-depth look at how easy it is to use Tattle’s Message Templates? Take a seat, because class is now in session and our very own Magen Medlin is ready to walk you through it in the video below.

Message Template Demo Video

Any questions? Feel free to raise your hand and drop us a note at We’re here to help!

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