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Tattle and Brandibble Team Up for Digital Ordering Feedback Collection

Tattle is proud to announce it has teamed up with Brandibble to offer a digital ordering feedback solution for mutual partners, such as, Brown Bag Seafood, Hale and Hearty, and Sticky's.

Tattle and Brandibble's collaboration comes on the heels of a growing quality control gap among digital ordering channels, most poignantly put by our partner in James Park, CEO of Garbanzo. “We use mobile ordering to make our customers’ lives more convenient. But digital ordering can often be the black box of feedback,” says James. “Through our Tattle and online ordering collaboration, we are now able to collect valuable data about the digital ordering experience, something that has been nearly impossible to quantify to this point.”  

Despite the demand of digital ordering among consumers, as expectations for its growth are poised to rise above $200B in sales over the next 5 years, visibility into the guest experience through this channel will remain extremely low for restaurant operators without a viable feedback solution.

Due to the application of our Brandibble collaboration, mutual partners can now simply access their "Tattle Customer Feedback" portion within their Brandibble portal to implement their Tattle survey link to appear on their Order Confirmation Emails along with customizable instructions:
Tattle Survey Link Setup (1)
Once implemented, guests will receive an Ordering Confirmation Email post-transaction, featuring their Tattle survey link at the bottom of for guest completion for either their Order Ahead or Delivery transactions through Brandibble:
Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 3.17.01 PM
Tattle’s ability to improve transparency across a rapidly growing yet unmonitored revenue channel will allow brands to track an entirely new operational data set for continuous improvement between transaction channels, e.g. dine-in, order ahead, delivery, etc...

By empowering hospitality brands to establish their Customer Care infrastructure, Tattle provides the ability to collect private guest feedback through 30+ question surveys, recover lost revenue from dissatisfied guests, and measure guest satisfaction across their locations about the areas they care about most.

We're incredibly excited to share the collaboration with Brandibble and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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