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Tattle collaborates with Punchh to 'Uber-ize' feedback!

Hi All,
I hope you're well and having an amazing May!
We really appreciated the feedback and recommendations we had received for the initial implementation of the Incidents Management Stats for greater team accountability. Feel free to read more here :)
With our platform's unique ability to address the feedback, guest satisfaction measurement, and customer experience management needs of our partners, exciting opportunities begin to arise for collaboration between technology partners to more successfully address a particular business need through the core focuses of our collective platforms. 

As Punchh provides high-quality solutions across the loyalty spectrum through gamification to spur repeat visits, digital ordering functionality to address multi-channel transactions, and mobile payments for cashless efficiency, feedback and customer experience management is an area most core to Tattle's platform and outside the loyalty core focus. 
In this sense, as loyalty touch points activate channels for guest engagement, Tattle now allows its mutual partners to more successfully collect and measure guest satisfaction through these channels at the exact point where the guest loyalty experience ends. Bingo :)

As a result, due to the ongoing focus our team to both add more touch points to increase guest feedback submissions and optimize the reward redemption process, we've teamed up with Punchh to 'Uber-ize' feedback.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 10.40.32 PM

Through our collaboration with Punchh, we are now able to 'Uber-ize' feedback by offering mutual partners the following abilities, much in the same way riders rate their Uber-drivers post-ride:

  • Send guests our comprehensive survey via email or SMS notification post-transaction
  • Allow our team to design your notification template!
As always, we can't wait to extend this feature release to you and look forward to hearing your continued feedback!


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