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Tattle Dashboard Helps Partners Implement Customizable CXM Strategy

In an ongoing effort to align with our multitude of our partners and their various approaches to feedback collection and customer experience management, we're incredibly excited to release the final touches of our self-service dashboard to allow for unprecedented customizability. 

With much of today's hospitality technology moving away from its legacy-based state of utility towards a more dynamic and cloud-oriented form, we've taken note and built Tattle as a pillar of the industry's continuous movement: choice and iteration.  

Today, technology innovation is more heavily sought after by brands willing to adopt and leverage personalized alternatives to their traditional platforms. However, despite brands' willingness to adopt, legacy platforms continue to add barriers for brands through high service fees where initial setups, fees for updates, and fees for bolt-ons become a prevailing revenue generation tactic much to the dismay of brands.

Tattle's mission has been defined by its ability to best align with the sensibilities of tech savvy and data-driven hospitality brands by offering a CXM platform where customizability is a core offering in order to help brands meet the ever-changing hospitality landscape with a process that works best for them.
Survey Customizability:
Ability to create, edit, or delete:
  • Branded survey link, i.e.
  • Geo-fencing
  • Survey frequency 
  • Multiple choice, free-writes, or Star Rating 
  • Conditional questions for specific survey answers
Store Groups Customizability:
Ability to create, edit, or delete:
  • Corporate, Franchise, or International store groups
  • Region, State, District, Single-Unit store groups
  • Non-Restroom stores, Different Menus stores, New GMs stores, Drive-Thrus stores, etc... you pick!
Team Management Customizability:
Ability to create, edit, or delete:
  • Global, Groupable, or Single user access
  • Global, Groupable, or Single Admin permisions
  • Preferences, e.g. real-time notifications, summary reports, etc...
Customer Response Customizability:
Ability to create, edit, or delete:
  • Thank You, Apology, App Download Request, Catering Request responses
  • Digital Gift Cards (Oops! Card) for Apology responses
  • Manual or Automated response system
Platform Branding Customizability:
Ability to create, edit, or delete: 
  • Logo photo by store, group, or enterprise
  • Cover photo by store, group, or enterprise
  • Coloring scheme by store, group, or enterprise
Guest Awareness Customizability:
Ability to choose the strategy or strategies of best fit:
  • Onsite Launch Kit materials
  • WiFI splash page 
  • Digital ordering integration
  • Mobile app integration
  • We would love to explore other touch points!

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