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Tattle Launches Restaurant Industry’s First-Ever Customer Experience Management Improvement Platform

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MANHATTAN, N.Y.January. 7, 2019 -- Tattle, a guest feedback and Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform for top restaurant partners in B.GOOD, Farmer Boys, Blaze Pizza, and more, is proud to announce its release of the industry’s first-ever Customer Experience Management Improvement (CXMI) platform called Snapshots

For more than 20 years, chain restaurants have historically struggled to create a framework of accountability focused on driving operational improvement where guest dissatisfaction exists. Inspired by Google’s Objectives and Key Results (OKR) execution strategy, Snapshots uses AI to recommend the most opportunistic operational area at each restaurant location, i.e. Speed of Service, and empowers Area and General Managers to commit to particular action items at their locations within their dashboard, i.e. conducting weekly training session on line-cook serving efficiency, that will propel their location to reach its defined goal, i.e. 7% improvement in Speed of Service.

 “Collecting guest feedback data without applying a real-world action plan is a practice in futility that our team works rigorously to avoid, which is why we’ve moved away from mystery shoppers, legacy feedback systems, and form-based web submissions,” says Spencer Rubin, CEO/Founder of Melt Shop. “Tattle not only allows our entire team across all locations to pinpoint their exact opportunities for improvement, their Snapshots system allows our Area Managers and General Managers to commit to setting and working towards their particular location goals while monitoring their actions’ direct impact on location-level guest satisfaction. For the first time, we are now able to bridge the gap between the data that lives in our dashboard and real-world actions taken by our team—we have seen the clear advantage in our guest satisfaction and revenue increase.”

Empowering guests to communicate with businesses while they are onsite or through loyalty, WiFi, or digital ordering platforms allows management to fix problems that arise, make smarter operational decisions, and drive per-unit revenue. Based in New York City, Tattle is a full CXMI platform with customers throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Vietnam that continues to generate significantly greater feedback volume than alternatives, while helping clients reduce customer detraction through guest recovery strategies. They also identify trends to help teams make smarter operational decisions, prevent negative reviews from reaching public review forums and improve revenue among 70+ industry-leading hospitality brands.

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