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America's Incredible Pizza Company, Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen, and Burdeo Partner With Tattle

The Tattle Advantage:

Brands looking to complete the customer experience with messaging are partnering with Tattle to:

  • Empower guests to communicate while they are onsite
  • Reduce customer detraction
  • Improve revenue and per unit sales
  • Identify trends to help teams make smarter operational decisions
  • Prevent negative reviews reaching sites like Yelp and Facebook
America's Incredible Pizza Company
America's Incredible Pizza Company has been voted the #1 Family Entertainment Center in the world two times. The IPC experience includes an all-you-can-eat, high quality food and pizza buffet, themed dining areas, private party rooms for kids’ birthday parties, and a fairgrounds fun center loaded with games, rides and attractions for family members of all ages. IPC's Family Entertainment Complexes’ range in size from 45,000 square feet to 78,000 square feet. From the '50s music in the parking lot to the classic '57 Chevy just inside the doors, Incredible Pizza Company is an upbeat Rockin' Rollin' Family Entertainment Complex with enough energy to get you dancing and singing the oldies!
Buredo (pronounced "bur-EE-doh") is a local DC establishment, owned by two life-long childhood friends and DC natives who were looking for a unique, fresh lunch option. Our handheld, burrito-size sushi rolls and salads feature Asian and other globally-inspired ingredients and flavors. Using seasoned rice and traditional nori, we roll our sushi burritos to order - perfect for the health-conscious crowd on the go looking for some good, clean eating with a twist.

We use the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients (no artificial dyes or flavors here) which we prepare daily to roll a fresh, hearty and flavor-packed sushi burrito. Veggies play a starring role as well – we are passionate about letting them shine through their natural flavors and textures, and love to pack a punch with pickling too.

Buredo is bringing a new way of eating sushi to the nation’s capital. Always remember to eat your veggies, eat more fish and eat Buredo!
Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen:
zuuk-adimage (1).jpg
Zuuk is an all-natural, healthy alternative to on-the-go Mediterranean cuisine. Downtown Dadeland will serve as the restaurant’s second location.

Customers can select from their choice of pita, rice bowl or salad, all of which can be topped with traditional Mediterranean spreads such as roasted red pepper hummus or Baba Ghanoush, a protein or vegetable, a selection of toppings and a variety of homemade sauces, including: sumac-citrus dressing, cilantro-lemon tahini, zhoug, and spicy harissa.

As well as a word from the Founders:

Zuuk is about tradition, about what started the day when we were young, about what brought the family to the table. Roger, Sam and I come from similar background, where good and tough times were cherished and solved in the dining room; were our grandparents used to set the tone with wonderful food and bring smiles throughout the night.

We thought that people needed to have those moments more often, and while time passes by very quickly and we start deviating from what was good, from the "good old times". As friends and family that we are; we wanted to share our "good old times" in the dining room with you.

Zuuk honors who we are, our traditions, the simplicity that we were brought up with, and the amazing food that was made in our homes everyday. We want to make sure that we bring our healthy Mediterranean cooking to you. The one we grew up with and the one that we crave on a daily basis.
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