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The Future of Off-Prem

When you think of the perfect restaurant experience, what comes to mind? Six months ago, it probably included sitting down at a table, ordering a few items, and enjoying the atmosphere. Your customers most likely imagine the same things. But times have definitely changed since then. Perhaps, forever.

Unsurprisingly, because of the shift we’ve experienced in the world, restaurants have suffered in certain areas. Most notably, the customer’s experience. Even further, the biggest and most startling issue that has been highlighted is Accuracy. About 50% of incidents reported in the Curbside division were related to Accuracy and over 75% in Delivery were Accuracy-related. So how are businesses tracking these issues and what are they doing about it? Do they even know when a customer is dissatisfied?

If you improve a restaurant location’s most highly-correlated and low-performing operational category, you will improve its overall satisfaction at a 79% probability.

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That’s money sitting right on the table, if left unresolved. Can your business afford it?

It became clear quite quickly that restaurants needed a set of guidelines to remain open and service their customers in a safe and profitable way. To answer this call, The Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) just released new strategies in their Off-Prem Playbook.

As off-premises dining looks to be the most popular way to serve customers for the foreseeable future, restaurants of all types must adapt to these changes. Long live the margarita-to-go--but to ensure all the important boxes are checked when serving them---or any other cocktail, snack, meal, or dessert you’ve got on the menu, this playbook is any General Manager’s new best friend.

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As a crucial contributor to the playbook, our CEO Alex Beltrani, continues to show that collecting significant customer data is the key to providing consumers the best possible experience. For example, data collected from over 20 million survey questions answered by guests, reveal that Curbside and Delivery guest experiences produce 3 times more incidents than Dine-In alone. Those incidents, if untapped, show a decrease in sales from the lifetime of those customers.

We know that things have had to change. However, the customer is still the main priority. Historically, we know why customer feedback is essential. Now it’s more important than ever before. Customer retention is what ensures your business stays open and stays active. Collecting feedback is the only way your business is going to not just improve in quality, but also understand how to take action when something needs to adjust. Seeing the data is one thing, acting on it is another. You need to do both to effectively pivot and stay relevant.

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