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The Halal Guys, Bad Daddy's, Daphne's, Slater's 50/50, Max's Group, Thompson Hospitality, & PepperJax Grill Partner With Tattle! 

Growing brands seeking to build meaningful guest relationships and assure elevated levels of operational excellence use Tattle because they recognize the power of customer feedback! Our innovative new partners are ready to sky-rocket their businesses:

The Halal Guys


The Halal Guys represent a true American entrepreneurial success story as they began with a singular NYC food truck and have now expanded to over 70 locations all across the world. Their delicious Halal food combined with their commitment to customers sparked conversation, resulting in such widespread success. Get them to-go, in-store or have them cater your next event, the authentic Halal food can be enjoyed however you deem fit.

Bad Daddy's


Since 2007, Bad Daddy’s has been proud to transform the traditional burger, leaving customers in awe at their substantial patties and bountiful buns. With such an exciting spin on a classic favorite, their widespread success became no surprise, as they quickly grew from one to five to now thirty-four locations. They don’t plan on stopping there, Bad Daddy’s has great plans to keep transforming American cuisine one big, bad burger at a time.



Daphne’s, an organic, ingredient-driven Mediterranean restaurant, vividly illustrates how food can be the perfect trifecta- delicious, affordable and healthy. Numerous items on their menu are 700 calories and under, making the food effortlessly adaptable to countless diets and lifestyles. They describe it best by illustrating their restaurant as “Happy is healthy”, ensuring satisfied taste-buds (and tummies) all across the United States!

Slater's 50/50


Slater’s 50/50 was founded on “a passion to push the culinary envelope while keeping customers full and happy.” They illustrate this immensely with their wide variety of menu options, ranging from their famous award-winning 50/50 bacon-and-beef burgers to their buffalo cauliflower bites. If you somehow still can’t find something suitable, their “Design it Menu” will surely satisfy, allowing you to pick yourself from an assortment of ingredients.

Max's Group


It is a pleasure to have on board the largest restaurant company in the Philippines, especially Max’s Restaurant, one of the leading full-service casual dining restaurant brands in the country. Known for their home-style Filipino food, their menu items ooze comfort with an exotic selection of fried chicken, noodles, and “sizzling specials.”

Thompson Hospitality


Founded in 1992, Thompson Hospitality houses some of the best chef-driven restaurants in the country. They have made it their mission to bring positivity to each and every part of the hospitality process- from guests to clients to team-members. As the largest minority-owned food service company, their integrity and tradition are unmatched, encompassing an environment where “exceptional people can excel.”

Pepperjax Grill


PepperJax Grill, where you can always find high-quality ingredients grilled to perfection at any of their thirty-six locations. To them, owning and operating restaurants is more than delivering delicious, mouth-watering food, rather, it is about building communities in their existing neighborhoods. Devoted to compassion, PepperJax takes pride in giving back to schools & teachers, first responders, armed forces & veterans, and local nonprofits & organizations. A Philly cheese steak with a purpose? What more could you want?


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