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Tattle welcomes Tin Drum Asian Kitchen!

You wanna eat less ordinary? Head over to Tin Drum Asian Kitchen.

So, what's up with the drum? In ancient Asian culture, there was the “Tin Drummer”, a part newscaster and part wake-up caller. Each morning, he walked the streets banging a tin drum, gathering people at the lively café to fuel their bodies with food and their minds with current news. He became a legend, an unsung hero who connected people by the simple and unrelenting act of doing. 

Today, the  Tin Drum crew celebrates the legend of that little drummer who demonstrated that hard work alone can make a difference. 

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen provides a break to the everyday to everyone. It is a place to explore LESS ORDINARY through continental Asian products, urban curbside environment, and the life story of the Tin Drummer.

With options for Stir Fry, Curry, Noodles, Apps, and even a menu for the kiddos, Tin Drum Asian Kitchen is not one to miss if you're down south.

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