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Welcome to Tattle, Tutta Bella!

Your favorite NeapolitAN pizzeria is now part of the tattle family!

The Tutta Bella story is an interesting one. One that inspires and ignites the passion for following your dreams. 

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Founder Joe Fugere quit his job, flew to Naples with a one-way ticket, and secured a job as a busboy in a local pizzeria where no one spoke English. After years of working directly in the Italian ovens, he returned to Seattle to open Tutta Bella in 2004. From there, Joe was making every pizza himself. Had his friends volunteer as servers and hosts. The restaurant was an instant success and, after five months, was awarded the very first VPN certification in the Pacific Northwest.

Recently the Tutta Bella team joined forces with Tattle. 

And so far, we think the partnership is going swimmingly. With the Tutta Bella team saying that they, "love Tattle and find that the data reflects exactly what they're seeing which is helping them improve by taking a look into factors," well, we can't be happier with that assessment!


Of course, when we partner with a brand that takes pride in partnering with their community, we have to shout that out as well. Whether it’s a non-profit, school, local farmer or artisan, the Tutta Bella family encourage you to reach out to them to see how they can partner with you to move your missions forward. Gotta love that.

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